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IR ACADEMY of Soccer Development

IR Academy of Soccer Development is dedicated to promoting the sport of soccer among the local youth and providing an outlet for players to train and compete. Our non-profit organization is community-based and committed to the individual player's development. In order to do so, we place emphasis on training that is appropriate for each player's age and ability level regardless of financial background. Our primary goal is the development of players from diverse backgrounds, into motivated performers.

The Academy would like to instill the awareness that success can be achieved with hard work, discipline, and dedication.

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Team Victories!

  • 2007G Purple 2020 NorCal Premier State Cup Champions
  • 2009G Purple 2020 NorCal Premier State Cup Champions
  • 2007B Purple 2020 NorCal Premier State Cup Premier 2 Finalists
  • 2005B White 2020 Copita Surf Champions
  • 2010B White 2020 Copita Surf Champions
  • 09B Purple NorCal Premier Bronze 5 Championship
  • 08B Purple 2020 NorCal Fall League Champions
  • 09G Purple Copa del Rey Champions
  • 05B Purple NPL Champions
  • 07B Purple Pre-NPL Champions
  • 08G Purple Premier Div. Champions
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Strong family-based club that provides development and a higher level of play.

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