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NEW IR GRANT LINE recreation soccer club is IR Academy's recreation soccer club, which is managed and operated by IR Academy of Soccer Development. The 2018 Fall league will be IR Academy's first season providing direct Rec soccer through the IR Academy. IR Academy is excited to have the opportunity to provide comprehensive Rec soccer -

Serving Pleasant Grove and Wilton areas.

IR Academy of Soccer is also the exclusive partner affiliate of the US Club sanctioned Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League (CRRSL), formally the Elk Grove Recreational Soccer League (EGRSL). This affiliation offers players the option to play within a league that is focused specifically on recreation soccer. CRRSL Recreation Soccer offers all players within the Elk Grove-Cosumnes community, no matter what their skill, income, or experience level, the opportunity to play soccer.

CRRSL is comprised of independent rec clubs that manage and guide this community-based soccer league - sanctioned by US Club Soccer, the same sanctioning body of the competitive soccer, NorCal Premier Soccer League. CRRSL offers U6 - U18 recreation-level soccer.

Through this strong exclusive partnership affiliation, IR Academy supports all CRRSL community clubs and their coaches by providing: coaching education, skills-clinics for players, and offering a stable competitive destination for players prepared to move to competitive soccer at IR Academy.

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Cosumnes River Recreational Soccer League

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