IR ACADEMY of Soccer Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What is the difference between recreational and competitive soccer?

A.) The differences between recreational soccer and competitive soccer are cost, time commitment, skill level and intensity. Recreational soccer is seasonal and plays an 8-10 game season. Competitive soccer will play a 40-50 game season over 8-10 months. Recreational soccer will practice 1-2 times per week, while competitive soccer will practice 2-3 times per week. For competitive soccer there is a tryout process and players are evaluated and selected on teams.

Q.) Is there much emphasis place on winning?

A.) Our focus as a club is on the development of the player, on and off the field. We are looking to create a well rounded person when they leave our club. While winning is an important part of the game it is not the emphasis.

Q.) Do you have to wear your training kit to practice every day?

A.) Yes, we want you to represent the club. We want the players to be proud to wear their training gear to each and every practice they have with IR Academy.

Q.) Do IR Academy teams play year round?

A.) Our younger teams, U8-U10 generally play an 8 month season. They take breaks during the summer. Our U11 and older teams generally play 9 to 10 month seasons. There are club breaks scheduled during the year where we will shut down so that everyone has time to rest.

Q.) What is the financial commitment to play on an IR Academy team?

A.) There are club fees that go to pay for a number of things, admistrative costs, lights, fields, trainers, and an assortment of other things. Each team creates a yearly budget that is based on the number of tournaments they are going to do, if they are going to play Nor Cal State Cup, and which leagues they are going to play in.

Q.) Which league do IR Academy teams play in?

A.) IR Academy is a memeber of US Club soccer which falls under the US Soccer Federation. Our teams play in the Nor Cal Premier League which is a member of US Club Soccer. We have teams playing at the levels that best suite them. As a club we give direction to our teams so that they are playing at the highest level.

Q.) How many days a week is training?

A.) Most of our IR Academy teams train two to three times per week depending on the part of the year.

Q.) How long do practices usually last?

A.) Practices usually last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on the age level of the players and the time of year it is.

Q.) What are the practice days and times?

A.) Practice days and times are determined by the club in consultation with each coach of the team to find a day and time that best suits the team.

Q.) Do players move to a new team each season?

A.) There is a tryout process each year but as a club we try to minimize the movement of players.

Q.) Are coaches certified and trained?

A.) Yes our coaches have some form of coaching education and licensing, whether its from US Soccer Coaches (USSC) or the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). We encourage our coaches to be life long learners of the game and to continually look to educate themselves through a number of different avenues.

Q.) Am I required to perfrom volunteer hours?

A.) Yes, in an effort to keep IR fees as low as possible we do have one club fundraiser. Although we are very proud of our Firework booth success it does need many 4 hour shifts covered. Each player will be required to have an adult work up to 10 hours (normally 4 hours) during the firework booth schedule. We understand that some families will be unable to work or will choose not to. In that case each family will have the opportunity to buy-out their hours.